5s Floor Signs

5S Floor Signs

Use 5s floor marking signs to clearly identify zones and the locate items in your facility. These adhesive backed plastic signs help stay organized and tidy to improve safety and efficiency. From cleaning supplies and production materials to life saving safety equipment, everything has its place. That place on the floor should be marked so everyone knows what it is, where to get it and/or where to put it. 

The strong plastic and heavy duty adhesive of these signs make them very durable and long lasting. At .027" thick the floor signs are made for industrial applications with heavy traffic and will hold up well in nearly any indoor facility. The bright colors, clear messages, and larger sizes make the signs effective in achieving 5s and Lean improvements. 

For installation, peel and stick the signs onto a clean, dry floor above 55°F. During application to the floor, move hand across the sign applying pressure to remove any air pockets - and Done! Clean using standard common cleaners to bring out the like-new pop. 

Want a different message, size, shape, color scheme, or language? We can help! Since we design manufacture signs in house, we have wide capabilities for customization. Also, the 5S signs produced at Pristine Products, are available in a variety of products and substrates. We can provide industrial grade piprd floor signs, light duty vinyl floor signs, freezer grade floor signs, wall mount signs, plastic signs, metal signs and laser etched signs. 

For more information, custom sign requests or to try a sample, call us at 765-458-7463 or send us a note at sales@piprd.com. We are happy to create the sign you need!