Floor Marking Numbers

Warehouse Floor Marking Numbers

Mark floors with these heavy duty adhesive numbers to identify location of pallets, aisles, loading docks, equipment, storage areas and more in your warehouse, factory, business, classroom, or wherever you may need numbers on your floor. Doing so will help your facility organization and help locate items for improved efficiency.  

To install, simply peel and stick the floor markings to a clean dry floor.

Built for demanding industrial settings, the floor marking numbers are made of durable plastic and and strong adhesive. They're durable enough to withstand forklift and pedestrian traffic. As with all of our floor marking, these numbers have a slip resistant surface and are easy to clean by hand or with an industrial floor scrubber.

Need a custom number range? Want a custom size, font, or color? Or Looking for freezer grade 5S supplies? Reach out to us, we manufacture at our facility in Liberty, Indiana and are sure to find a solution to your Floor numbering needs.