Custom Floor Signs/Custom Floor Decals

Custom Floor Signs/ Custom Floor Decals

These custom adhesive floor signs are the ultimate solution for facilities needing durability and customization in high-traffic areas. Use in warehouses, manufacturing areas, or other workplaces to convey critical safety or 5S information. They're also the perfect floor sticker solution for advertising and promotional display in high traffic indoor retail areas.

Use our simple online design tool to create floor signs for your specific needs. Convey unique information to your workforce to improve safety and efficiency of your operation. Or create the perfect floor marking to promote products with designs tailored to your brand. Whatever your purpose, make your high quality custom sign in minutes.

Like standard PIPRD products, we manufacture our custom floor signs to withstand forklift traffic and foot traffic. The heavy duty floor signs are constructed of thick plastic and strong adhesive to ensure the floor signs last in tough environments.

Key features of these custom floor signs include:

  1. Multiple Shapes To Choose From. Choose from a variety of shapes, including circles, squares, octagons, triangles, diamonds, and rectangles to fit any application. Configure graphics and text anywhere within these shapes. Custom Shapes available upon special request.
  2. Small to Large Sizes Available. Select sizes as small as 12" all the way up to 48". So, whether you need smaller signs for pedestrian safety or large signs to direct forklift traffic, we've go you covered! Custom sizes available upon special request.
  3. Easy Color Customization. Once you've selected shape and size, the customization options are endless. Choose from standard colors or use full color customization within our online design tool. This simple online tool allows you to tailor these floor signs to meet your specific needs. We offer full color printing and don't restrict the number of colors you can use.
  4. Customize the Text. Within our online tool, you can enter custom text and choose a font that fits your message. Use quick tools on the text box to size the text, rotate, curve and move to any location within the sign. Use multiple text boxes if needed for your design.
  5. Add Custom Graphics. Add graphics from our stock library or upload your own to clearly communicate messages in your workplace. Also use custom color shapes from the library or add images to enhance your 5S or safety message.
  6. Full Area Sign Customization. Use the entire sign, known as full bleed in the printing world, as your artboard to create the graphic you need. With our custom floor signs, you are not locked into a template with pre-created graphics or logos.
  7. Super Durable Construction. These floor decals are a hefty .027" thick to endure pedestrian and vehicle traffic within warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This ensure the maintain quality and effectiveness.
  8. Rigid Plastic Surface. The clear plastic surface of the sign shields the ink print layer to prevent wearing and scuffing over time. This ensures your message is legible through years of traffic. The matte surface is also slip resistant and easy to clean with a floor scrubber.
  9. Strong Permanent Adhesive. We use a hi-tack permanent mounting adhesive to make sure your floor signs stay on the floor. We've tested our adhesive to make sure it can withstand continuous pedestrian traffic and torqueing forklift wheels.
  10. Highly Visible. Create signs with our custom hazard stripe template for eye catching safety messages. Extra large 48" floor graphics will also catch the attention of pedestrians and operators. Use contrasting colors, or create patterns in your custom design to improve visibility. We make sure your custom graphics print crisp and vibrant.
  11. Easy to Install Peel and Stick Application. The adhesive backing makes installation quick and easy. Peel and stick the floor signs on a clean dry floor for a lasting communication tool in your workplace. In a matter of minutes, convey the exact message for your needs with no paint masking, dry time, or chemicals.

Follow our  Online Product Customization Guide (PDF) for help creating your design.

Our sales team and on-site graphics team are here to help. Contact us for any questions or assistance.

If you have a design in mind that you'd like our graphics team to create, we'd be happy to help. Upon request, our design team can also modify the graphics, text or language of our Standard Floor Signs. We're here to make sure your experience with our custom PIPRD floor signs exceeds your expectations. From order to delivery, install, and use we want to make PIPRD signs your go-to custom floor marking solution.

Also, contact us for quotes, large orders, or orders with multiple variations of a similar design.


* Please note, any graphics sent to us for print must be owned by, or created by you or content that you are authorized for use. Use of unauthorized graphics or copyright images without permission is prohibited.