Label Protectors

Label Protectors & Label Protection Tape

Shield your labels from wear and tear with clear label protector sheets and label protection tape from Pristine Products, LLC. Our overlaminate film provides a protective layer over labels and seals around label edges for full damage prevention. The heavy duty label covers improve label longevity by guarding them from scuffs, tears, scratches, spills, moisture, and fading.

The transparent vinyl tape has a clear adhesive backing for easy peel and stick application. Label protection products are chemical resistant and extremely durable. Originally made for floor applications, they withstand forklift traffic on warehouse and manufacturing floors.

Easily clean the water and chemical resistant surface to improve label clarity. Keep essential safety, operation, Identification, and 5S labels in pristine condition with this quick and simple product. Apply over existing labels to shield them from tough production, warehouse, logistics and outdoor environments.

Or, Create your own labels on paper (printed or written), then used clear label protectors to secure them into place. Turn any label into a long lasting, heavy duty marking capable of withstanding industrial wear and tear.

Clear protection tape can also safeguard painted floor lines or light duty floor markings from heavy warehouse traffic.

Product Features:

  • Crystal clear & non-yellowing:
    • Protect your labels from fading and maintains a clear pigment over time, even in continued direct sunlight
  • Barcode scannable:
    • You’ll have no issues scanning barcodes or QR codes through the protective film. They keep labels scannable longer compared to unprotected labels
  • Low Profile but durable:
    • Thin yet impressively durable .009” thick film
  • Strong adhesive:
    • The clear acrylic adhesive sticks well to a wide variety of metal, rigid plastic, cardboard, and smooth concrete surfaces.
  • Pre-cut sheet or continuous roll:
    • Choose the best form and size option to fit for your application
  • Easy Application:
    • Simply peel and stick to a clean and dry surface. Dramatically improve the life of your labels in a matter of seconds
  • Water resistant and Cleanable Surface:
    • Protects from moisture and makes them easy to clean if the label covers become dirty.
  • Slip resistant (floor applications):
    • The pebbled surface texture creates a slip rating that exceeds standard safety requirements when clean and dry
  • Glare-reducing:
    • The matte/pebbled surface finish deflects light in a way that minimizes glare.
  • Chemical resistant:
    • Protect labels from spills and harsh chemical environments
  • Clean removal:
    • The adhesive leaves little to no residue when removed.

Commonly applied over:

  • Rack labels
  • QR and Barcode labels
  • Equipment Safety labels
  • Floor labels
  • Painted floor lines
  • Light duty floor tapes
  • Signage
  • Material Hazard labels
  • SDS Labels (rigid/non-squeeze containers)
  • Bin and waste container labels
  • Asset labels and tags
  • Product Marking
  • Shipping labels

Clear self-adhesive label protectors and label protection tape are a great solution for labeling in an industrial environment. Contact us for free samples or custom sizes and shapes.