Mighty Line Floor Tape

Mighty Line Floor Tape

Mighty Line Tapes are great 5s floor marking products to improve safety and efficiency. Promote lean principles in your warehouse, or production facility by marking aisle ways for forklifts and pedestrians, areas of caution, and more. The patented Mighty Line floor tape is 7 times thicker than the average floor tape with strong adhesive and beveled edges to resist pulling up.

The bright colors of the tape will grab the attention of forklift operators and pedestrians alike. The glow and reflective center tapes are great for added visibility. The tape is also easily cleaned to maintain eye-catching pop over years service.  As with all Mighty Line tapes, these products are backed with a 3 year warranty. 

Use this tape to designate pedestrian and forklift pathways, mark production cells and storage locations, identify automation areas, and more. Mighty Line freezer floor tape expands the usable temperature range. Whatever your purpose, Mighty Line floor tape is a great way to improve safety and keep your operation organized and running smoothly. 

For best 5S practice, use our heavy duty floor signs to further identify areas marked off with this floor tape to remove any ambiguity. See our floor signs HERE . 

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