Floor Stop Signs

Floor Stop Signs

Reduce the risk of accidents in the warehouse by marking stop signs on the floor at forklift intersections.

In places were forklifts and other PMHV's (powered material handling vehicles) operate, the risk of accidents is increased and so is the need to clearly direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Use PIPRD adhesive STOP floor signs to do just that. 

Our bold heavy-duty STOP floor sign collection is intended for indoor industrial floor application to alert forklift operators and pedestrians at intersections, aisleways, shipping docks, and other areas of heavy machine and foot traffic.

PIPRD signs are .027" thick with a strong adhesive, which make them some of the most durable floor signs on the market. Simply peel and stick to a clean dry concrete floor (above 55°F) for years of service. 

The sign colors are eye catching. In dirty or dusty environments, they are easily cleaned with standard cleaners for a message that continues to pop. Octagon stop floor signs are available from 6"x6" up to a large 48"x48" sizes to grab everyone's attention. Some rectangle stop signs are larger than that. 

Want STOP floor signs in a different color, size, language, or a new custom design all together? We create the graphics and manufacture in house - which gives us great flexibility for customization. 

For custom requests, additional information about the floor signs, or to discuss your specific application, give us a call at 765-458-7463 or email us at  sales@piprd.com - We'd love to help!!